Welcome to Gone Surfing Company!

Greetings fellow surfers, beach combers and ocean dwellers. We have created our line of Gone Surfing Company gear to reach all those who love the surf, sand and sun of the beach. It started in 2015 with the formation of Gone Surf LLC in California, evolved into our online presence & continues to grow locally in San Diego.

We are the 'little guys' at the moment, but we like it that way. It provides us with control over our destiny and direction. Lots of hard work and hours spent traveling, designing and planning. 

Ironic, I have surfed very little after starting a company called Gone Surfing. The price of being the boss! The good news? I'm back in the waves & happy with what we've accomplished as a family owned business. 

Please take a look around and check out our stuff. As new items come out, we will be sure to announce them via social media to ensure you won't miss a thing! The shipping is on us if you purchase more than $40 in gear, an awesome deal! 

Stay tuned for the next update, I'll give some insight on what sparked the idea of the company and the catalyst to make it happen! 

Check out the MS Connection when you get a chance. Get involved if you can! Be a force for good, it's so worth it. 



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